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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

It is better than ten years ago, but the report of the National Agency for Drug Safety, published last June, shows a new increase in our consumption of antibiotics.If we abuse antibiotics, it is because they often pass for “magic” remedies; this often reassures the patient and the doctor to prescribe.

However, according to a study, their interest is zero in more than 30% of cases. Worse, the fact of abusing it makes the bacteria more and more resistant. They adapt to the antibiotics that are supposed to destroy them faster than we can develop new ones.Hence the importance, for oneself and one’s family, of knowing these medicines better. You can now Buy zithromax pills with the better dealings available.

If we take antibiotics too often, do they become less effective?

The more antibiotics you take, the less likely the treatment will work. “Every time we take an antibiotic against an infection due to a bacterium, it will destroy it but in its path, it crosses other bacteria and in particular those that populate our digestive tract, says Professor Christian Rabaud, specialists in infectious diseases. Some of them, under the effect of an antibiotic taken repeatedly, can develop resistance. “

Then, by multiplying, they give whole lines of resistant bacteria. “Many of our infections are caused by our own bacteria,” says Professor Rabaud. Nothing says that one day it will not be one of those become resistant that will cause the disease. Some antibiotics will then be ineffective.

If I take it for a viral infection, will I heal faster by avoiding a superinfection?

If the probability of superinfection decreases, it occurs in only about 10% of cases: most of the time, antibiotics are useless and in any case, they give the opportunity to our intestinal bacteria to acquire resistance.

The preventive antibiotics are justified “in frail people who would struggle to fight an infection and sometimes in children less than three years under certain conditions.

Are some antibiotics more effective than others?

The best known is amoxicillin, prescribed for ear infections,sinusitis,superinfections of bronchitis or digestive infections and urinary tract infections. They are useful when we do not know which bacterium is at stake or when it is necessary to treat quickly, without waiting for the result of the analysis.

Should treatment be associated with probiotics?

By disrupting the equilibrium of the intestinal flora, greatest antibiotics reasonnausea, stomach pain, bloating,diarrhea. Probiotics are often used to alleviate these symptoms, such as the antidiarrheal drug, although no study has shown the effectiveness of this habit.

Why is it absolutely necessary to respect the duration and dose of the treatment?

Reducing the duration or dose of treatment puts you at risk of relapse, as not all pathogenic bacteria will be destroyed. In addition, this promotes the appearance of resistance in the remaining bacteria.
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